Usage Policies

The 'Hire by License' usage of the complex as advertised on this website is operated using a range of policies documented on this page. This documentation is subject to change without notification.

Main Policy Statement

The following policy relates to the usage legal and appropriate usage of the rooms and associated facilities under the 'hire by license' agreement.

  • The management withhold the right to refuse, alter or cancel lettings at their discretion;
  • Recurring bookings are limited to three months and subject to renegotiation, provided there has been compliance with the terms and conditions of trade;
  • The hirer is not permitted to re-hire the facilities to another group;
  • The hirer is required to leave the premises in the same state as provided;
  • The hirer will be held responsible for any damage to the building or its contents during the period of hire by those that the hirer provides access;
  • The hirer is expected to adhere to all fire regulations and not exceed the limit of the room and/or the agreed hire limit whichever is lower;
  • The management ensure that the premises is covered by all legally required insurance policies and adheres to all UK laws;
  • The management do not accept liability for any loss or damage to any individual, organisation or belonging nor do they accept any liability for any personal accident, injury or illness sustained by users of the premises outside of their statutory legal obligations. As such hirers are recommended to have their own public liability insurance where necessary;
  • Risk assessments and adherence to our ‘equality & diversity policy’ and other policies and legal criteria must be actioned by the management and so we must ask all hirers to provide full details of the nature, purpose, content and programme of each event.
  • The premises is not licensed for the sale of alcohol;
  • The premises is not licensed for gambling activities;
  • It is illegal to smoke in a public places, and as such the premises adheres to this law;
  • All hirers and users must respect neighbours and are required to keep noise outside the premises to appropriate levels based on time of day;
  • If you require a copy of the full terms and conditions of trade please request a copy.

Equality & Diversity Policy

We are committed to our equality and diversity policies, in order to ensure that individuals are treated with respect and that their experience within the premises is free of harrassment and discrimination. We acknowledge the appropriate need to balance the individuals rights with other legal obligations and that of conflicting rights between protected and volunerable individuals.

We aim in all aspects to adhere to and uphold the legal requirements contained within the Equality Act 2010, the European Human Rights Act, and the Harrassement Act 1997 alongside other key legislation.

View our Equality & Diverity Statement to read the full details.

In order to fulfil our equality and divesity policy we will:

  • Reject any bookings which the activity is to deemed to discriminate against a protected group or community;
  • Reject bookings of the premises by any individual or organisation who within their normal activities are deemed to discriminate against a protected group or community;
  • Reject the simultaneous usage of the premises by two protected groups who are diametrically opposed or where protected characteristics of a protected community may cause undue offence to another protected community.