Site Facilities

Our whole site will provide heating and cooling facilities, incorporating 25% natural airflow alongside hearing and air conditioning facilities. Our entire site provides both natural lighting and also LED lighting throughout our complex. Our complex is expected to meet an “A” rating energy consumption regulations. And is designed to ensure comfort of site users throughout the year.

Homerton Blend Café

The site will also offer access to a state of the art Café for use by all users of our facilities. Additionally a customised and private café service can offered within each rented room.

Products and services offered:

  • Coffee (Fresh Bean or Instant), Tea, Hot Chocolate and Hot Water
  • Sandwiches & Fresh Cakes
  • A range of quality deserts
  • For large functions the provision of meals can also be organised

Additionally discounts or budgets for the café can be provided for attendees to meetings or events.

Parking Policy

We do not provide any parking facilities and local roads have parking restrictions for local residents. We recommend the usage of the car parks in Stratford & West Field for those who need to use cars.

  • Event Hoster & Speaker
    Limited parking can be organised for a speaker or primary event hoster, details provided on request.

Public Transport

Our premises boasts amongst the best public transport connections in London.

  • London Overground
    We are situated just 2 stops from Stratford, and 4 stops from Highbury & Islington. Check the map for full details.
    • Stratford Connections:
      • Central
      • Jubilee
      • DLR
      • TfL Rail
    • Highbury & Islington Connections:
      • Victoria Line
  • Bus Routes:
    The bus routes which pass close to the church are:
    • Wick Road: 26, 30
    • Homerton Hospital: 236, 242, 276, 308, 394, S2, W15.

Equality & Disability Facilities

As part of a commitment to equality and disability access the premises will provide full disability access to our entire complex and also provide full facilities for disabled people leading events which includes fully adjustable lectern to cater for a wide range of heights including wheelchair usage.