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Welcome to Homerton's newest Community Centre (Village Hall). We do not believe that a community centre should be defined as a low cost and low quality provision. Our plans are to provide a high quality Village Hall for the use of the residents of Homerton, Hackney East London. We hope that the centre will provide a place for local residents to engage with a variety of services provided by Homerton Baptist Church, voluntary sector organisations, local service providers and even have somewhere to hold personal functions (e.g. parties).

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A village hall is a charitable community facility that is available to the public in a particular area for community-related recreational activities. We provide meeting rooms, halls and conference rooms catering for 2 - 250 people, with the aim of providing benefit to the local community.

We hope to ensure a state of the art premises and facilities for local residents to consider part of their community. We aim to ensure that the premises will be used to provide services to all ages. We envisage activies such as youth clubs, after school clubs, coffee mornings, support groups, and much more besides. We believe the opportunities are as vast as the imagination and/or needs of local people.

Key information

Currently operations are heavily restricted by COVID-19 Pandemic legislation

Days of Operation:  Monday to Saturday

Hours of Operation:  From 7am till 11pm

Follow link for an overview or introduction to the new Facilities

Below are links to the pages providing details on room sizes, discounts, pricing and other relevant details.

Interested in Hiring?

Let us know of your interest to hire meeting rooms, hall and conference space through our forms:

We aim to make available the premises through hire at below commercial rates to voluntary sector organisations and local residents and also provide competative pricing for commercial usage. Please take a look around this website to see more details of the facilities we hope to make available.

Equality & Diversity Policy

HBC Community Centre is unreservedly opposed to any form of discrimination, as provided under UK Law and the adoption of a comprehensive Equality & Diversity Policy. We will train all trustees, staff and voluneteers in keeping with our policy. Our trustees are representative of a wide range of the protected chacteristics as well as the local community.


It has been key within the design of the building and planning of the usage to address as comprehensively as possible the accessibility of our facilities for a wide range of disabilities. We are keen to ensure all feel welcome, are treated with respect and that we constantly look at how we can improve our accessibility facilities. We welcome any enquries keen to know what provision we have. We will soon publish details of the facilities which are in place, and always welcome requests to address accessibility aspects where we can improve.

Days and Times of Availability

Currently operations are heavily restricted by COVID-19 Pandemic legislation

Days of Operation:  Monday to Saturday

Hours of Operation:  From 7am till 11pm

Respect to Local Community

We hold local residents in high esteem and wish to respect them in all aspects. As such we will be endeavouring to ensure that the usage of the premises does not negatively affect local residents. We require all users of the property to provide equal respect and take all necessary measures to ensure that they are not inconvenienced in any way.

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Rich History of Homerton

Homerton in Hackney, London, has a magnificent heritage created in the Victorian Era. Initially it was the village of the rich, just East of London during, the reign of Queen Victoria. By the early 20th century it had been swallowed by the metropolis. In World War II it has become a significant part of the East End community and during the war it was heavily bombed. The rebuilding during the 50's and 60's led to the area having one of the densest populations in London. Statistically it the densest polpulation in th UK and became one of the highest in Europe. This led to a period of well known financial and economic deprivation in the area. This decline was finally broken by the significant investment in the area with the arrival on the London 2012 Olympic Games. The area saw a significant increase in investment, the building of new and modern homes and within the years following the Olympic Games became a fashionable place to live again.

Since 2012 the area of Homerton has become the new 'up and coming area' but significant financial and economic deprivation still prevails. Despite this the resilience of the East End shines through and shines through the community cohesion that exists.

We believe that investment in the community of Homerton is needed and are currently looking into how we can work with our local community to provide the current community with the facilities that can equip them to strengthen the community and adapt to meet the new challenges and opportunities that the recent rapid changes can afford the community.

Blend Café

As part of the complex we will feature a Café situated on the corner within our main entrance. We aim to provide a quality fresh bean coffee provision, a range of quality tea's, a quality hot coffee and other hot and cold drinks. We also aim to provide a selection of cakes and desserts too. The aim of the café is to provide a community based café where people can come meet and talk. It will also provide refreshments for those utilising the wider complex.

Below is one of the key logos for the café:

Homerton Blend Cafe

HBC Community Centre, Barnabas Road, Homerton, London, E9 6HP